Never Say Never (or, Challenge Accepted?)

My theme lately seems to be: Never Say Never.

Example 1 - I've never considered myself the Vegas type. Been there, checked box, not exactly something I thought warranted a revisit. I also never thought taking kids to Vegas sounded like a great idea. And yet, this year for Spring Break, we did exactly that, and it was a blast for all concerned!

Example 2 – Today’s mediation. In reviewing pleadings ahead of time, I had cause for concern. Speaking with counsel ahead of time reinforced that feeling. I always assume we can find a way though - and I'm a little stubborn about being REAL sure there's no way before I'll throw in the towel. And whaddya know.... here we are at the end of a long evening, with a very contentious case resolved.

My favorite response to a party or their counsel telling me the case will never settle is: "Challenge Accepted". The cases I have initial concerns about end up being some of the most satisfying to resolve.

Got one you think can't settle and won't get off your desk? I've got time as early as next month. Let's take a crack at it!

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