Has Your Case Reached a Stalemate?

As a litigator, you can often objectively assess a case and see a range of potential reasonable outcomes up front, but clients are a different story. At the outset of a case, they are often too fueled by emotion or principles to consider compromise. But there comes a point in litigation where your client is weary, frustrated by the entire process, and worried about mounting legal bills. When that happens, mediation is a means to bring difficult situations to an expeditious close. You know your clients and you can tell when they’ve had enough. When your client is ready, look to Lorenz Mediation.


Kimberly Lorenz, founder of Lorenz Mediation, has been a Certified Supreme Court Mediator since 2019 and a member of the Florida Bar since 2005. Her career as a litigator brought Kimberly to prominence in Florida courtrooms. Kimberly’s real-world trial experience, exceptional listening skills, thorough understanding of the law, and balanced approach to negotiations has made her a sought-after mediator.

Kimberly’s approach relies on thorough preparation, an eye for creative solutions, and an understanding of the underlying issues to maximize the opportunities for settlement. During mediation, she meets with both parties and actively listens to what is being shared. Her style of mediation ensures your client’s voice is heard and they are included in the process. But listening is only half the job. Kimberly also speaks candidly with both sides to explore the vulnerabilities of their case, potential pitfalls they may face on the road to trial, and the benefits of early resolution. Kimberly believes an empathetic but realistic approach is the key to helping aggrieved parties understand why reaching a settlement prior to trial is a victory, and often preferable to proceeding to a trial which can be risky, emotionally draining, and financially catastrophic.

Past clients and colleagues find Kimberly’s professionalism and warm personality to be the perfect combination of legal skill and approachability. When mediating with Kimberly Lorenz, your client comes first. Lorenz Mediation comes to the table with the goal of resolution so your clients can achieve closure and move forward with their lives.

Whether it be a dispute over business affairs, a family estate, guardianship, or a personal injury, Lorenz Mediation can help your client find a successful resolution while avoiding more emotional pain, suffering, and financial strain.

Let Lorenz Mediation be your resolution solution. Contact us today to schedule your mediation at 407-645-4833 or booking@lorenzmediation.com.

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