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Why Mediate?

Mediation provides a neutral and safe setting where aggrieved parties can openly discuss their their dispute and with the assistance of an experienced mediator, resolve the issue at hand. A mediator can help bring closure faster than litigation and for a fraction of the cost. With mediation, both parties come together to find solutions so they can move on, instead of being tied up in court for years and spending thousands of dollars.


Mediation is legally binding, enforceable by the courts, and not in effect until both parties agree to terms. For most legal disputes, mediation is the ideal and most cost effective resolution option for relief. Whether mediation is used for resolving disputes related to custody, divorce, business, landlord / tenant, probate / trust, or any other issue, the overwhelming majority of cases are settled at the first meeting.

Professional Highlights

  • 13 years as insurance defense counsel for auto, premises liability, wrongful death, negligent security and other negligence cases.

  • Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Litigator since 2019.

  • Active litigator in Florida since 2006.

  • AVVO 5 Star Rated.

  • Successful litigation of cases for individuals, small local businesses, large venture capital firms, and national companies with significant financial judgements in favor of my clients.

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Kimberly E. Lorenz, Esq.

Certified Supreme Court Mediator

Mediating Trusts, Probate, Guardianship, Contracts, and Personal Injury Cases

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