How a Mediator Should Prepare

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Your attorney should know the case thoroughly and be ready for any unexpected surprises.

Your mediator is no different.

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Starting a mediation cold – or worse, on the wrong foot – can lead to delay or hinder negotiations. Lorenz Mediation is different because of our process, which lets us hit the ground running and has yielded reliably high-resolution rates.

At Lorenz Mediation, our preparation begins well in advance. A seasoned trial attorney, Kimberly Lorenz, reviews the pleadings and discovery in your case, familiarizing herself with the specifics of each case, and analyzing the positions of each side to assess avenues for leverage. She also reviews the procedural posture of your case, knowing that outstanding motions and looming deadlines can be critical to each side’s motivation towards resolution.

Kimberly knows drafting position statements can be a drain on your time, so she often calls counsel in advance of mediation. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your case candidly, including any factors unique to your client which may require special attention. Her up-to-date knowledge of the law, judges and procedure means Kimberly is especially able to use the information from these discussions to identify pressure points which may help unlock resolution with the other side.

Most importantly, Kimberly knows that your clients want their day to be heard, and mediation is often that opportunity. She knows that often; parties need to feel heard before they can transition to negotiating a resolution. As a mediator, Kimberly knows it is crucial to give them that chance, and that those early discussions can often reveal hidden motivations and needs which can be addressed more effectively in a mediated resolution than at trial.

What this means to you is that when your client comes to mediation, they will realize immediately that Kimberly is prepared, with a thorough knowledge of their case and with thoughtful questions, and an insightful strategy to steer negotiations and broker resolution. This process helps instill confidence in the mediator, and in you as their attorney for recommending the process.

You want your clients to feel heard, be taken care of, and to achieve resolution that will bring closure to their conflict. When it’s time to mediate, you need someone with the experience and knowledge to inspire confidence, and the insight to develop an empathetic but effective strategy to help both sides see the value of settlement.  Mediations with Kimberly Lorenz are known for her patience and dedication to the process, which is why her success rate stands at 85 percent. With availability in weeks instead of months and competitive rates, she is prepared to resolve even your most difficult of cases.

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