The Value of Closure

Whether your lawsuit involves a personal injury claim, a dispute over a Trust or Probate, a breach of contract, or something else, one thing is universal: No one comes to litigation because things are going well. Unfortunately, litigation is also the least efficient and often most expensive means of trying to achieve resolution, not just financially, but also in the mental and emotional toll that comes from being mired in conflict for years. Even the most straightforward cases are at the mercy of the inherent delays of litigation and court schedules. Often, the more contentious the case, the slower it is to move forward.

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If this sounds familiar, mediation could be the lifeline you’re looking for.

With Mediation, you can achieve in less than a day a resolution which might take years to reach in court. It is a valuable process because it provides the parties with what mediators refer to as the “Four C’s”:  Control, Certainty, Confidentiality, and Closure. Mediation puts the control in your hands, rather than in the hands of an uninvested judge or jury. It offers certainty in its resolution, because once settled, the agreement is final and there are no appeals. Mediation also affords confidentiality, which allows the parties to exchange information and have candid discussions without risk that information will become part of a public record.

And at Lorenz Mediation, we know that the most important of the Four C’s is: CLOSURE. Lawsuits come from painful events: an auto accident, fights over the care of or loss of a loved one, the fracturing of a business partnership, a foreclosure, or some other devastating event. Litigation keeps you tied to that event, unable to truly heal, grieve or move forward. Closure is the freedom to move forward from that event and put a difficult circumstance behind you. Mediation can give you that closure by putting an immediate end to a long, emotional, and oftentimes personal, hard-fought battle.

Right now, your adversary is living rent-free in your head, affecting not just your past, but your current and future enjoyment: stealing your attention from family events, monopolizing your schedule, and waking you up at 4am, for as long as the lawsuit continues.

Mediation gives you the opportunity to evict them from your life and give you peace of mind, immediately and permanently, all while saving time and money, and having direct control over the outcome of your case and the timeline for resolution.

Working with a qualified, experienced, Certified Supreme Court Mediator like Kimberly Lorenz gives you the opportunity to cut through the inherent delays of litigation, bring everyone together, and negotiate an immediate plan for resolution that puts you back in the driver seat, with conflict in the rearview mirror. Schedule mediation with Kimberly Lorenz and take back control of your time, energy, resources, and peace of mind.

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