When is the Right Time to Consider Mediation?

Having a case work its way through the legal system is stressful and frustrating, not to mention expensive. As retained counsel, you empathize with your client but at some point, you have to step back and consider: is going to trial really the best option to resolve the dispute at hand? Is litigation necessary to resolve the dispute, or can mediation give your clients the ability to put the stress of the legal process behind them, resolve conflict, and move on with their lives? If your client is at the point where they feel like they’re overwhelmed and lost in the process, it’s time to consider mediation.

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The mediation process provides the parties with the means to control the outcome of their case and explore solutions that go beyond what the courts can deliver. Rather than place the decision in the hands of a judge or jury who have no personal interest in the outcome, mediation allows the parties with the most at stake to dictate what happens with their case and effect resolution immediately. The ideal mediator is objective but insightful and should have active litigation experience for both plaintiffs and defendants. This experience enables the mediator to understand both sides of the issue as well as the factors affecting case value and opportunities for resolution.

Kimberly Lorenz has been a Certified Supreme Court Certified Mediator since 2019 and a member of the Florida Bar since 2005. As a trial attorney, Kimberly has been a successful litigator for some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in the US, as well as for local businesses and individuals. As a litigator, Kimberly knows there are three key traits that make an effective mediator: exceptional listening skills, a thorough understanding of the law, and the ability to balance empathy with impactful negotiating skills. An experienced mediator helps the aggrieved parties appreciate the value of resolution over the risks of trial. As a mediator, Kimberly uses these same skills and tailors her approach to the parties and issues in each case to maximize the opportunities for settlement.

At Lorenz Mediation, we do our research proactively to understand the posture and issues of each case before mediation begins. Once mediation starts, Kimberly takes the time to listen to both sides to understand the primary and even secondary issues in play. Mediation is often the only time a party gets to tell their story. Kimberly knows this opportunity is as important to their being ready to negotiate as the motivations behind their position which is often the key to settlement.

The time to consider mediation is now. Litigation is not just expensive and time consuming: it is mentally and emotionally draining. Even with a good outcome, the toll of trial often means your client still walks away unsatisfied and they will carry that frustration with them for years to come. Lorenz Mediation can help your client understand why early resolution is often the better – and even the best - choice. Your client came to you wanting to solve a problem and they will thank you for helping them find an efficient, fiscally smart way to regain control of their lives. At Lorenz Mediation, we help your clients obtain closure and move forward from conflict.

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